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Maxima CAS 1: Basic use of wxMaxima and some built-in functions along the way


This video explains some of the more basic aspects of wxMaxima and the Maxima commands. This particular video is kind of tedious, but it gets some important stuff out of the way.

This video includes basic arithmetic, basic parts of wxMaxima's interface, assigning variables, some mathematical constants, and other basic but important things to know.

One type of simplification that I could have mentioned is radcan(), which is the "Simplify (r)" button in the side panel. This does simplification of logarithms, radicals, and exponents. For example,

(%i1) log(25)/log(5);
(%o1) log(25)/log(5)

(%i2) radcan(%);
(%o2) 2

Also, FYI, the log() command is the natural logarithm, log base e.

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