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adidas ZX 750 Bluebird rebound | Very SPEZIAL delivery from Oltby_Ull_ | Shout out to SEREN

adidas ZX 750 Bluebird rebound | Very SPEZIAL delivery from Oltby_Ull_ | Shout out to SEREN

We get a very small but perfectly formed delivery from Rich. Lance goes on the rebound from the Sox saga and picks up a lovely GR ZX750 at a very timely point in history. We nod our cap ever so slightly to our time at Laces Out and we give a special shout out to a special little viewer

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Move by Saint Motel https://itun.es/gb/mr6aeb?i=1141089358
Trinidadiandeep : reflective toe box strip for running at nights as well
inquisitive871 : Only 3000 subscribers? What?!?!
gaz russell : They arrived today, amazing worth tracking these down cheers lads
russell gazz
Sudeen Manandhar : Found some here:
John T : the zx750 bluebird are class but being trainer snobs its easy to overlook them ....if we hadnt seen them for years and were a spezial release or a consortium collab people would wet themselves and pay a fortune

ive just grabbed another pair for 45 quid off ebay with a voucher ....its a great colourway

KAWASAKI ZXR750 1994 ZX750 L2 1709160191 k

Sven Klaas : ...timeless bike - absolutely gorgeous!
Cher Tannov : My dream...
R G :
Ispintechno2 : I have the same bike it's my pride and joy!
Alejandro Valle : It's so Beautiful! I have a 95 completely stock as well, I however like the 93 & 94 colors better.

Восстановление кроссовок Adidas ZX750

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Сергей Воронцов : Яб выбросил бы и не мучился,столько время убить на кроссы.
Talgat Shaimerden : А жене вашей как? понравились? Ее реакция какая была? Непонятно. Интрига была, что жена озадачила. В середине дела сказала, что Вы накосячили с краской. А в финале про ее реакцию ни слова. Нам интересно.
Frey Clash : Минус 20 минут жизни
Frey Clash : Когда жизнью руководит жена
zirtex_pubg : А он маркером красил подошву, мне просто тоже подкрасить надо ?




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